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Remove Pimples Using the Healing Brushes and Patch Tool

Remove Pimples 1

This tutorial will show you how to remove pimples, acne, lumps etc. in Photoshop using the Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool and Patch Tool.

Original Photo

Remove Pimples 2

Step 1

Select the Spot Healing Brush.

Remove Pimples 3

Step 2

Re-size the Brush size enough to cover the area of a pimple, center it and Click to remove. What the Spot Healing Brush does is automatically replace the damaged areas with another area around it. This could sometimes be a problem seeing as it automatically decides for you what to replace it with.

Remove Pimples 4

The pimple should automatically replaced after a Click of the mouse button.

Remove Pimples 5

Continue to use the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove another.

Remove Pimples 6

Remove Pimples 6

Step 3

Let’s now try removing some pimples using the Healing Brush Tool. Switch to the Healing Brush Tool, which is located just under the Spot Healing Brush Tool.

Remove Pimples 8

Step 4

After you have select the Healing Brush Tool hold down ALT (or Command if using a Mac) and Click to sample a cleaner area of skin that is closest to the pimple, lump etc.

Remove Pimples 9

Step 5

Now as we did before with the Spot Healing Brush Tool, re-size the Brush size enough to cover the area of the pimple, center it and Click.

Remove Pimples 10

The pimple should be removed or replaced with your sample area.

Remove Pimples 11

Continue using the Healing Brush Tool on another spot so you can see how the tool works. We’re sampling and simply replacing it with the sample.

Remove Pimples 12

Center the Brush and Click.

Remove Pimples 13

Remove Pimples 14

Step 6

To finish off the rest of the pimples let’s switch over to the Patch Tool and speed up the process. The Patch Tool is the third one down and can be found right under the Healing Brush Tool.

Remove Pimples 15

Step 7

Using the Patch Tool circle around the damaged area or pimple.

Remove Pimples 16

Once circled, the area will then be selected. Hover the Patch Tool on the selected line, Click and hold the mouse button down.

Remove Pimples 17

Now simply drag it out and onto a cleaner area of your choice, this is another way of sampling an area.

Remove Pimples 18

The pimple should be removed and replaced as soon as you let go of the mouse button.

Remove Pimples 19

Step 8

Let’s have one last look this time with arrows in the example so you guys can get a better idea. First you use the Patch Tool to circle around a pimple area. Staying on the selected line after you let go of the mouse button you Click and hold down the mouse button again and drag it out.

Remove Pimples 21

Keep dragging it out.

Remove Pimples 22

Once you have found an area to replace it with simply let go.

Remove Pimples 23

Do the same to the rest of the areas using the Patch Tool, should take less than seconds to have this done with these tools.

Remove Pimples 24

Final Result

So there you have it, another way to fix up skin problems quick fast.

Remove Pimples 25

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